Association Excellence In Paediatrics Institute

Fed. No. CH-550.1.090.009-9 / IDE: CHE-258.185.722
No. TVA: CHE-258.185.722 TVA

Registered Address: Rue des Vignerons 1B, 1110 Morges 1 (VD), Switzerland

EU Transparency Registry: 814880937536-71



The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute is a not-for-profit association registered in Switzerland. By its constitution, the main purposes are as follows:


A. Education and professional development in the pediatric field
  • Present cutting-edge scientific findings through medical conferences and meetings relating to clinical practice. The annual Excellence in Pediatrics conference, a global pediatrics meeting, is the flagship event of the Institute;

  • Generate "guideline papers" on selective topics related to clinical practice as a result of the annual conference;

  • Translate, through medical conferences and meetings, research into best child health care;

  • Publish educational booklets on selective topics related to clinical practice as a result of the annual conference;

  • Arrange, provide or join in arranging or providing for the holding of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, classes and other training, including online events;

  • Establish, equip and maintain a library (physical and/or online library) to collect, compile, print, publish and disseminate information;

  • Make any financial grant or award and enter into any contract or arrangement for the provision to any person or body of persons of assistance to participate in educational initiatives related to the objects of the Institute;

  • Commit to offering rounded professional development to future pediatricians;

  • Offer education to clinicians in training through the Excellence in Pediatrics Schools.

B. International networking and community building with a particular focus on developing countries in the pediatric field
  • Create a global Excellence in Pediatrics community to connect pediatricians and related professionals from the clinical, academic and business worlds that are eager to be continuously educated and to translate and transfer this knowledge into daily practice and improve care for the benefit of their patients;

  • Envision a series of web initiatives targeted at creating an international community of pediatricians "attached" to Excellence in Pediatrics;

  • Offer bursaries to participants from developing countries to enable their participation and presentation of their scientific work during the annual Excellence in Pediatrics conferences;

  • Offer bursaries for attendance to the Excellence in Pediatrics Schools and other educational activities of repute, whether they are linked to the Excellence in Pediatrics conferences or not;

  • Facilitate and fund short visits to Pediatric Centres of Excellence;

  • Provide numerous opportunities for structured and informal audience interaction and networking during the Excellence in Pediatrics Conference;

  • Provide the opportunity for continuity, year-round learning and community building;

  • Engage with the developing world;
  • Promote research in areas related to pediatric care delivery;

  • Encourage and support research into the epidemiology, prevention and treatment of medical conditions covered by the specialty of pediatrics;
  • Enable patient-oriented initiatives in consultation and collaboration with accredited patient organisations in the pediatrics field;

  • Award excellence in any aspect related to pediatric care (research, education, patient care etc.);

  • Engage with key opinion leaders, patient organisations and the pharmaceutical industry to inform pediatric developments in the future.



The EIP Conference Steering Committee consists of up to 5 members and is responsible for developing the scientific programme of the annual EIP Conference. The Conference Steering Committee decides on the program's structure, the program tracks, the thematic streams, the session topics and the session types. The Conference Steering Committee invites speakers, tutors and presenters for the EIP conference and evaluates and approves members’ nominations to present at EIP Conference. The committee decides on abstract submission specifications, submission categories, and abstract reviewing criteria and appoints the contributions review committee each year.

The EIP Education Steering Committee consists of up to 7 members. The EIP Education Steering Committee is responsible for deciding on and approving the educational content of all EIP education activities except the annual EIP Conference, including the EIP eLearning Sessions and Parents' Education Videos. The EIP Education Steering Committee decides on education priorities, the scientific topics to be included in the activity plan, and the final education format for each activity. The EIP Education Steering Committee invites speakers, tutors and presenters for EIP education Activities and evaluates and approves members’ nominations to become members of the EIP education Faculty. 

Initiative Steering Committee for each initiative or campaign consists of up to 5 members. Each committee decides the Initiative’s activity plan, the education materials and the communication messages. The EIP Initiative Steering Committee is responsible for mobilising the regional and national medical communities and forming alliances with regional and international associations, organisations, and institutions.

The EIP Institute Executive Committee consists of up to 5 members and is responsible for the smooth and efficient management of the Institute. The Executive Committee is responsible for decisions such as partnerships, agreements, financials, contracting, accounting, and unrestricted grants. The Executive Committee help to keep the momentum of projects moving forward and advises Steering Committees on resources available.



The Auditors of the Association are: Fidexaudit SA, Membre indépendant du Groupement EuraAudit International,