EIP Alliance of Patient and Family Support Groups - Online Community

Working Together to Support Families, Patients and Children Globally 

EIP’s goal is to improve child health globally and without doubt healthcare practitioner education, knowledge transfer and engagement is a large part of what we focus on in achieving this. However, EIP will never lose sight of the fact that directly supporting and working with patient groups and families is also an integral part of our mission to improve child health.

It is with the above in mind that EIP has launched and is growing an Alliance on Patients and Family Support Groups who can collaborate with the EIP Institute, and EIP’s members directly, on campaigns, initiatives, focus groups, and allied activities across EIP’s advocacy programmes.

However, instead of just collaboration project-by-project EIP are offering all patients support and family groups, connected to pediatric and adolescent medicine, access to the EIP Community Platform enabling them to establish sub-groups in the Alliance and provide free membership and group access to their members across the globe.

Join the EIP Alliance and connect your Group and members with other patients support groups and allied healthcare professional groups to improve child healthcare and support.

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