EIP Prevention: Peer-to-Peer Education Program on Vaccine Preventable Diseases 2017-18

Educating to Promote and Protect Through Vaccinations 

Live Lectures, Enduring Online Content & Community-Based Education for Frontline Pediatricians Across Europe

Prevention, and vaccines in particular, are the best form of protection we have against a swathe of diseases with children in particular at huge risk. Yet, vaccination uptake rates are stubbornly low across many developed countries. Vaccines hesitancy is creeping in and if rates are to increase healthcare professional must lead by example and advocate vaccinations at every opportunity (not to mention be up-to-date with their own vaccination schedules).

Pediatricians are the most trusted source of advice for parents. They are uniquely placed to persuade parents to take all preventive options available according to latest research and guidelines and protect their children from serious conditions that could put their lives in danger. The lack of education on guidelines and prevalence combined with a lack of understanding of the conditions background drive pediatricians hesitancy to seriously advocate to parents all prevention tools available

The EIP Prevention Peer-2-Peer Education Campaign aims to counter this with Vaccines Experts educating others to pass on advice (health communication methods, as well as epidemiology data) to their own networks and colleagues. Ultimately the EIP Prevention Peer-2-Peer Education Campaign is tasked with:

  • Increasing Frontline Pediatricians and Family Doctors Capacity to Advise Parents on Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  • Providing HCPs with the skills to overcome parents' hesitancy and follow official guidelines and recommendations to vaccinate
  • Joining EIP in advocating for more efficient vaccination policies and strategies to increase awareness among the population

Education on Vaccine Preventable Diseases is needed for HCPs to be equipped in advocating vaccinations to parents by sufficiently addressing their concerns. It is also important that they fully understand the diseases background and the challenges that patients will face if not covered by vaccinations.

The educational program aims to equip frontline pediatricians and family physicians in Europe initially with the skills and knowledge needed to better advise parents on vaccine preventable diseases and overcome their hesitancy to vaccinate their children according to the latest guidelines and recommendations.

Program Activities
  • Series of Lectures organised in hospital facilities. Audiences will consist of the Hospital staff, the local medical community and HCPs from across each country.

  • Each Lecture will be recorded and offered as webcasts to be attended online not only from HCPs across each country but also by HCPs from other countries who feel more comfortable in speaking the specific language. 

Stay tuned. Dates and locations for upcoming Lectures will be announced
1 March 2017 

Get Involved

Members are invited to spread program content to their colleagues and organise educational activities in their medical communities and facilities. You like to become a Lecturer or Host a Lecture on Vaccines Preventable Diseases in your facility? Follow the links below to nominate yourself. 

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