Advocacy, Initiatives and Campaigns 

Advocating Change and Providing Education & Support Where it's Most Needed

Excellence in Pediatrics is continually working on advocacy programmes that aim to improve certain areas of need in child healthcare. Our global initiatives and awareness campaigns are used as catalysts that initiate real change, helping families around the world.

From increasing vaccine rates to raising awareness about lysosomal storage disorders, EIP initiatives are both long-term and influential. They are designed to bring the EIP community and relevant partner associations together to suggest and deliver strategies that make a real difference. Each Initiative is led by a globally renowned expert in the pediatric subspecialty or campaign area that the Initiative is focused on, who is in turn supported by an Initiative Steering Committee. Each Initiative and campaign is central to EIP's focus throughout the year and is reflected in the information and resources provided to the Institute's members and followers, both at the annual conference and on an ongoing basis.

Please take some time to explore the current Initiatives and Campaigns being championed by the Excellence in Pediatrics Institute, find out more about what has happened so far and what is planned for 2017/18.

Also, play your part and make a difference in an area of pediatrics that you are passionate about changing and supporting by contacting EIP. In addition to the Advocacy work already underway EIP would welcome your ideas for future Campaigns and Initiatives.

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