Awareness Campaigns

EIP Awareness Campaigns

Utilizing Health Communication Channels to Change Behaviors and Improve Well-being

EIP are proud to be implementing a number of healthcare awareness campaigns that publicise and push for changes in a particular area of pediatrics, well-being and overall health (be it preventive health, life-style choices, or pediatric medicine). The targeted Campaigns aim to raise awareness of a particular issue by utilizing every communication channel possible - from direct HCP communication through the EIP network, parents’ groups through the EIP Alliance, or directly to the general public through mainstream media channel.

Awareness campaigns may also take in certain elements of both Advocacy and Education Campaigns, but are focused on a single goal that can be achieved – such as the Active Healthy Families Campaign to make sure HCPs are changing families’ habits to improve the overall health of the family unit and not just the child by discussing family unit health in every consultation.

Click Here and Explore our Active Health Families Awareness Campaign

If you think that EIP should consider launching new healthcare awareness campaigns in 2017/2018 we would be very pleased to hear your suggestions.

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