Excellence in Pediatrics Conference

Continuous professional development is a top priority for the Excellence In Pediatrics Institute 

The Excellence in Pediatrics Conference is EIP's annual flagship event providing best practice updates and a truly global outreach. Continuous professional development is a top priority for the Excellence in Pediatrics Institute and is placed at the heart of our annual conference's ethos. Now in its 8th year, Excellence in Pediatrics Conference is a dynamic, innovative, and highly engaging conference that informs its delegates of the latest scientific developments and most importantly helps them to improve the standard of care they deliver on the Monday morning after the conference.

Summits are held by the Excellence in Pediatrics Institute to address specific cross-functional challenges in Children's Health. Organisations, Parents' associations, academic researchers, governments and industry representatives, as well as other frontline healthcare providers, are given the opportunity to participate in a creative dialogue. Ultimately, the Summits are designed to identify common ground and explore constructive solutions that are then put forward as concrete recommendations to policymakers.

The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute is aware that best practice updates may take far longer to implement than expected, especially in resource-constrained environments. To facilitate positive changes in developing countries, the Excellence in Pediatrics Institute has developed Schools which are designed for young practitioners from developing countries to have an opportunity to spend a day with 4 leading members of the Excellence in Pediatrics faculty. Practitioners present challenging case studies and the faculty shares both clinical and general career advice. The Excellence in Pediatrics Schools are potentially life-changing for the attendees, and always enlightening for the faculty. Attendees are selected on merit and funded by unrestricted grants and donations.

Each year, a number of Excellence in Pediatrics travel bursaries for talented young pediatricians are offered to delegates working in developing regions of the World. The underlying idea is to fund their ability to attend the EIP annual conference, in addition to their participation in the EIP Schools. The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute actively encourages the dissemination of usable best practices and advice from the developed to the developing world and this is just one of many ways we do it.

The Excellence in Pediatrics conference is a global arena for clinical practitioners. We are fortunate to attract distinguished speakers from leading academic centers to our conference. They present cutting-edge research and its specific use for pediatric practice. The benefit for the pediatrician is attractive first-hand access to front line research, and also a professional translation into clinical practice. The goal of EIP is to provide new useful knowledge for pediatricians to use immediately in the clinic when back on Monday morning, and thus accelerate patient access to new best practices. The effectiveness and popularity of this method is verified by the rapid growth of the EIP conference.

Visit the website of the 8th Excellence in Pediatrics taking place in London 8-10 December 2016 and register to be part of the most vibrant Pediatric conference